Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Ghost World" 10th Anniversary Screening (God, we're all old)

It wasn't that long ago that the San Diego Film Critics Society (proud member here) began talking about putting together a 10th anniversary screening of the movie "Ghost World" during Comic-Con.

At first I thought the idea was preposterous. Not because it seemed impossible that we could pull it off so quickly--and during the craziest week that San Diego sees all year (although that did cross my mind). But because it seemed simply out of the question that this fantastic little movie could possibly be a decade old.

But it's true. We pulled off the screening (it's this Saturday night) AND we got Thora Birch to show up in person!

Unfortunately, it's also true that we're ten years older. But at least we can take some comfort in knowing that Scarlett Johansson has inched that much closer to 30 (only 3+ years to go!) -- and her boyfriends have crossed the half-century mark.  

But Thora Birch hasn't aged a day. And of course I'm not saying that just because she agreed to attend our 35mm screening of the Terry Zwigoff-directed film this Saturday night.

Thora Birch with her award at SDFCS' banquet in 2002.
(Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes also attended.)
If you've seen this highly quotable movie, which was based on Daniel Clowes' comic book, then it's probably time you saw it again and rejoiced in its originality (still far too rare an occurrence, especially in the context of Comic-Con).

If you haven't seen it, then it's about damn time. There's a reason SDFCS showered it with awards in 2001, including 
Best Director (Zwigoff), Best Adapted Screenplay (Zwigoff and Clowes) and Best Actress (Birch).

Even if you're not a Comi-Con passholder or a comic book geek (of which I am neither), you're guaranteed to love the movie, or no money back (hey, it's only $5).

"Ghost World" 10th Anniversary Screening, with Thora Birch in Person!
Presented by the San Diego Film Critics Society
in conjunction with Reading Cinemas 
& Fantagraphics Books
Saturday, July 23 @ 9pm
Reading Gaslamp Cinemas
701 Fifth Avenue, Downtown San Diego
Only $5 - Buy tickets here

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