Friday, March 8, 2013

SXSW: Free Underwear

I've been at the Austin Convention Center for 30 minutes and I've already been shut out of my first SXSW screening. Well, not entirely shut out, just not guaranteed a seat and a pass to the front of the line for tonight's premiere of "Evil Dead," the Sam Raimi-endorsed remake of his 1981 cult horror classic "The Evil Dead." There are plenty more films to see, but since I have an interview scheduled with Bruce Campbell (star of the original series and producer on the remake) tomorrow, I'm obligated to get my rear to the Paramount Theater two hours early and the rain.

Nobody said SXSW would be easy. This is my first visit to the festival, or any major film festival for that matter, and I've been gearing myself up for lines, crowds, disappointments and - hopefully - some exciting surprises. Like a few minutes ago when I arrived in the Press Suite and the attendant asked me, "Would you like a pair of underwear?" What's a girl to say? Yes, of course. So I snapped up the package of unisex underwear courtesy of GoToMeeting. And a harmonica, because what else do you do while lounging around in your underwear?

Now I'm off to wander the convention center and get my bearings before I hit the "Beginner's Guide to SXSW" panel where I'll hopefully glean a few tips. Then it's time to for a happy hour or two before I stake my claim in the "Evil Dead" premiere line.

I suspect this is the last time I'll feel well-rested during the next week, s o I shall try to savor my clear-headedness. Here's hoping my future posts make sense!

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